Banteay Srei is a youth development, asset building organization that is non-judgmental of young SEA women who are at risk of or engaged in the underground sex trade. We seek to provide the resources that support their healthy development through self empowerment and self determination.


In 2004, health counselors, social workers and educators from Asian Health Services, the East Bay Asian Youth Center and Oakland Unified School District, recognized a rising trend of sexual exploitation and recruitment amongst Southeast Asian women and girls in Oakland.  After seeking resources and concluding that the only existing resources to respond to the needs of this population were situated in juvenile hall, Banteay Srei was formed. Banteay Srei was created in order to meet the needs of this specific population with a culturally relevant approach.

Banteay Srei is a safe space for young Southeast Asian women, that promotes sex positive education, community building activities and leadership development to foster cultural pride, and self-determination for women at-risk of or engaged in sexual exploitation. Banteay Srei provides social, peer and intergenerational support, healing arts, reproductive health education, life skills-building and leadership development. The name Banteay Srei comes from an ancient temple in cambodia which means “the women’s temple”- built to honor female deities and representing strength, unity, and safety. This name was chosen to inspire a space that would be created to honor women and provide tools for self-empowerment.


Elizabeth Sy

Board President |Co-Founder

Rany Ath

Board Member

Narinda Heng

Board Member

Glenda Kith

Board Member

Mia Nakano

Board Member

Monica Hoang

Board Member

Hamida Yusufzai

Program Manager

Krystal Win

Community Health Specialist

Bernie Lim

Healer in Residence

Monica Sok

Poet in Residence

Lea Akima

Summer Youth Leader

Lillian Man

Spring Youth Researcher

Kathy Liang

Artist in Residence