Job Opportunities


Title:  Bong Srei Youth Facilitator

Reports to:  Banteay Srei Community Health Specialist


Summary:  Act as advocate, liaison, mentor, role model, and youth resource in your community.  Assist in outreach efforts for all Banteay Srei programs, attending weekly planning meetings, co-facilitate weekly Banteay Srei sessions, assists in organizing Banteay Srei trips.  Meet with and be mentored by other Banteay Srei interns and staff regularly.


Bong srei [khmer]


  1. older sister
  2. mentor
  3. role model
  4. facilitator



  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to relate to and mentor younger youth participants
  • Have an interest in learning and addressing reproductive justice issues
  • Confidence in leading and facilitating workshops
  • Ability to recruit and organize youth participants
  • At least 14 years old

Title:  Community Health Advocate

Reports to:  Banteay Srei Program Manager


Summary: Under supervision of the Program Manager of Banteay Srei, outreach to Southeast Asian and Asian American young women to access reproductive health care, coordinate and facilitate leadership and women’s health programs, provide health education or prevention activities with the Southeast Asian community that may include presentations, workshops, health fairs, and working in collaboration with community partners.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

A. General Responsibilities

  • Provides outreach, advocacy, and education targeted towards the young Southeast Asian community with focus on youth and gender specific services and sexually exploited minor’s issues.
  • Implements culturally relevant, peer education, empowering programs for Southeast Asian and Asian American young women to address reproductive health, women’s health, and sexual exploitation.
  • Assists in developing culturally and linguistically appropriate referrals and services for the Southeast Asian community.
  • Plans and coordinates medium to large-scale AHS/Banteay Srei community health education activities under the guidance of the Program Manager.
  • Work collaboratively with the Youth Program to connect youth to reproductive health care.
  • Assists in planning and developing new methods of outreach, education, and advocacy.
  • Coordinates evaluation activities including: collection of data, initial data analysis, and writing evaluation reports.
  • Recruits and assists with training of volunteers and/or student aides.
  • Work collaboratively with community partners to ensure support services for participants.
  • Assures that AHS/Banteay Srei programs are linguistically and culturally appropriate.
  • Assists with any other tasks as needed by the Program Manager.

B. Materials Development and Translation

  • Assists in content development or adaptation of educational materials for cultural appropriateness in a variety of formats (written, video, displays/posters, slideshows, etc.).
  • Reviews and assures proper translation of health education material both from within AHS/Banteay Srei and from outside agencies into appropriate Asian languages and cultural level.
  • Writes close-to-final drafts of health education materials (brochures, curricula, displays) in English.
  • Assists in coordinating production of health education materials.

C. Program Duties

  • Youth Services: Outreach to young Southeast Asian women, work with 25 young Southeast Asian/Asian American women, implement Banteay Srei weekly Bong Srei Youth Leadership program, facilitate Banteay Srei weekly SREI/SAUCE program.
  • Community Relationships: establish critical community relationships such as creating and nurturing a strong relationship with Oakland High School Wellness Center, Roosevelt Middle School, Asian Health Service Youth Program, West coast Children’s Clinic, and Community Health for Asian Americans by establishing a referral system that works with young Southeast Asian women in Oakland, CA.


Interested applicants, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why you think you’d be a good fit for this role to! Please be sure to include “Community Health Advocate” in the subject of the email.