Self-Reliant Empowered Individuals – SREI

SREI is one of Banteay Srei’s empowerment programs where young Southeast Asian women are provided with a safe space to learn, teach, and ask questions about Southeast Asian cultures (i.e. Cambodian, Vietnamese, Iu-Mien, Lao, Khmu, and more), share their future goals, overcome violence, learn about women’s reproductive health, identify and address the issues of sexism, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, bullying, but also moving forward through building healthy relationships and determining how we empower ourselves as young Southeast Asian women, especially in the streets of Oakland. SREI seeks to empower young SEA women to identify long term goals in order to understand the economics of their lives, while making healthy decisions everyday for their bodies, themselves, their families and communities.


3 words to describe myself: Kind, Caring, Funny

I see myself in the future, in the medical field, talking to someone. I don’t know what I want to be exactly yet, but I want to interact with people.


3 words to describe myself: Empathetic, Patient, Quiet

I see myself in the future, going to college and then getting a financially stable job to support myself.


3 words to describe myself: Introvert, Kind, Ambitious

In the future, I’d like to be an Engineer/Designer.


3 words to describe myself: Chill, Athletic, Talkative

In the future, I see myself as someone who travels the world.


3 words to describe myself: Adventurous. Weird. Hipster.

In the future, I see myself helping the environment and living a peaceful life in New Zealand.