Bong Srei Leadership

The Bong Srei (“older sister” in Khmer) is Banteay Srei’s cascading mentorship and leadership program where alumni become youth leaders of Banteay Srei. They attend an intensive leadership training at the beginning of the academic calendar, develop curriculum and programming, co-facilitate workshops with the Community Health Specialist, and further develop their leadership skills. Each month, Bong Srei youth leaders also attend a leadership training, topics ranging from working with different personalities to conflict mediation, in order to sharpen their leadership skills. The Bong Sreis are mentored by the staff but also mentor the current youth participants.


Hi, my name is Emily. I’m a junior at American Indian Public High School and I have been involved in a lot of youth programs, but this is my first year as a Bong Srei. I was originally drawn to this program because it’s all about sistahood and appreciating our identity. Drop on down at The Spot to say hello!


My name is Kim. I go to Alameda High School. This is my second year as a Bong Srei. I’m inspired to be a robotics engineer and hope to empower more females to go into engineering. I wanted to be a part of Banteay Srei again because I enjoy being around strong women. They inspire me to be more influential and to motivate younger girls to be as moving as I am.


My name is Josephine and I’m a senior at Oakland High School. I love baking cookies and listening to K-pop. In the future I hope to be a software engineer. I decided to join Banteay Srei because I want to develop into a better leader and learn more about Asian Pacific Islander culture. I am enjoying being a Bong Srei this year.


Hiya! I’m Yucca, a junior at American Indian Public High School. I love to hang out with my friends, family and pets! Despite living in Oakland my whole life, I look forward to exploring what I have to offer my community, as a Bong Srei. I’m looking forward to learning more about Banteay Srei and learning from my sistas!